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Traditional Cornish Pasties

traditional Cornish pasties
"Traditional Cornish Pasties" by Parker Banks is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Ingredients - Pastry

Ingredients - Filling


  1. Combine flour, salt, and butter in a large bowl. Before dough warms, rub together with fingers until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  2. Stir in 2 tbsp. cold water with a cold knife until the dough binds together. Add another 1 tbsp. if needed.
  3. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and chill in fridge for 15 - 30 minutes.
  4. Combine cubed steak, potato, rutabaga, onion, salt, and pepper in a large mixing bowl.
  5. Divide the pastry into four pieces and roll into rounds 6 - 7 inches across.
  6. Spoon meat mixture onto one side of each pastry. Add a pinch of grated suet if the meat is lean. Brush pastry edges with a beaten egg.
  7. Fold each circle in half and crimp the edges together. Brush each pasty all over with egg and place on a greased baking sheet.
  8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 425°F for 20 minutes. Lower temperature to 350°F and cook another 20 minutes.

Attribution: The Perfect Traditional Cornish Pasty by Elaine Lemm